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The KLAX® is a reinvented tomahawk, with a host of added utility.
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The KLAX® is a reinvented tomahawk, with a host of added utility. It’s a hand held device with 7 different tools that can be used without a handle. When a hammer or ax is needed it can be used as a hand tool to make its own handle from a branch found in the field. The clamping system is the exact opposite of a traditional ax; the ax head clamps onto the wood instead of the wood being expanded to seize the axe.
Multi-Tool Ax System (Includes Ballistic Nylon Sheath)
Stainless Steel Axe Blade
Patent Pending Clamping System
Ulu Knife Blade
Knife Blade
Hammer Head
Cutting/Gut Hook
Hex Wrench Set (Metric)
1/4” Hex Bit Driver Socket
Bottle Opener
Lanyard Hole
Ruler (Metric)
Ballistic Nylon Sheath Included

  • Yoyal Diamond Sharpener
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  • Knifekut Steaking Knife
    NZ$ 49.00
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  • Knifekut Butchers Knife
    NZ$ 49.00
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    NZ$ 15.99
    NZ$ 8.99
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  • KnifeKut Boning Set
    NZ$ 69.00
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  • Victorinox 20cm Pig Sticker
    NZ$ 59.00
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  • Knifekut Set 2
    NZ$ 69.00
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  • KnifeKut Sticker
    NZ$ 75.00
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