600m Dog Training System - Dog Training collars

600m Dog Training System
KK-360R 600m dog training system. UK Design.
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About Our KoolKani® KK-360R Remote Dog Training System:

This can be used for one dog training or can be expanded to 3 dogs training (extra
collar receivers required) with an up to 600 meters / 650 yards remote range (in open
fields).  The collar receiver is rechargeable, fully waterproof & submersible so that you can even train your dog when he is swimming or in heavy rain.

For multi-dog training, we have also added a bonus feature that every time when you switch among dogs by pressing any dog selection buttons (like A, B or C), the collar receiver will send out a short vibration command at the preset level to the selected dog at the same time, which greatly helps to achieve dog's immediate attention.

There are 10 groups of beeping warning tones at different frequencies that can be used for
praise, warning or silent recall. Or use the remote transmitter to send a signal, activating the collar receiver to deliver a vibration correction or a harmless stimulation. It has 10 levels of vibration corrections and 10 levels of static intensity so that you can find the best correction type and level for your dog’s temperament and the type of training you do.

Continuous corrections are designed for beeping, vibration and static stimulation, which means when you press the button the correction will start and will be cut off when you release
it. It comes with a SAFETY FUNCTION that will "time out" on the collar when the button has been pressed down for more than 8 seconds or as soon as you release the transmitter button.

It  also features a simple, push-button design with a large and easy-to-read LCD display so you can correct your dog instantly, for a stronger connection between behaviour and training.  Unlike some other dog training collars that only one correction level is shown, on the KK-360R LCD screen, all the preset correction levels for the selected dog are clearly displayed.

The real beauty of KK-360R is that by using it correctly, you can lower the number of
corrections needed and also lower the intensity of the correction.  You can also take out the "human" element of the correction. Since you can correct the dog at 650 yards (in open
area) with a collar receiver, you don't need to run him down in order to make a
physical correction!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the stimulation safe for my dog?

A: While the stimulation is unpleasant, it is harmless to your dog. Electronic training devices require interaction and training from the owner to achieve desired results.

For KK-360R model, we have set static stimulation at Level 1 to be extremely mild so that it can be used on some sensitive healthy dogs. Level 10 will be a lot stronger compared to Level 1 so that it  can also be used on some stubborn healthy dogs.

Q2: How old does a dog have to be before using the remote training system?

A: Your dog should be at least 6 months old and in healthy conditions. Your dog should be able to learn basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”. 

Q3:  Once my dog is trained and has been obeying my commands, will my dog have to continue to wear the collar receiver?

A: Your dog may need to wear the collar receiver from time to time for reinforcement.

Q4: Is the collar receiver waterproof?

A: Yes. The collar receiver is heavy duty and completely waterproof and submersible, specially designed to be worn outdoors day after day without problems.

Q5: What do I do if my dog’s neck becomes red and irritated?

A: This condition is due to the contact points irritating the skin. Discontinue use of the collar receiver for a few days. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, consult your local veterinarian. Once the skin returns to normal, replace collar receiver and monitor the skin condition closely.

Guide to selecting the right bark / training collar for your dog.


Please note this is a guide only. Every dog is different on how they react to collars.  The team at Hog Dogs care for animal’s wellbeing. Please insure there is not a medical reason your dog is barking. Always start with the lowest setting first. Do regular checks insuring the prongs are secure and not irritating your dogs neck. For additional help please contact your local council for regional dog training classes.


Making the decision to use a bark collar can be a hard one, and even harder choosing the right one for your dog.


Types of collars:


Ultrasonic Bark Collar. When the dog barks, the collar emits a high pitch noise that only dogs can hear. We have tested this on many dogs and found the success rate very low. Therefore we do not stock these.


Vibration Bark Collar. The vibration collar is placed around your dogs neck. When the dog barks, the collar vibrates through a small prong. Vibration collars are suitable for small healthy dogs up to 5kgs and 6 months and up.


Static / electric/ shock / bark collars. These collars have many different names. The collar is placed around the dogs neck. When the dog barks, a static shock is emitted. This can be set at varying static levels to suit your dogs needs. We have 2 options of battery powered weatherproof and rechargeable waterproof. They are suitable for all healthy dogs from 3kg and 6 months and up.


Remote Training Collars. Remote training collars differ to that of the vibration and bark collar where they automatically correct the dog, the remote training systems allow you to correct the dog as needed. They are commonly used to stop behaviour such as chasing stock, not paying attention (discussed further below), barking at particular times plus more. Suitable for all healthy dogs from 3kgs and 6 months and up.


A guide to using remote training.


  1. Start by using the lower settings first then move up the levels as needed to suit your dog.
  2. For attention training (to get their attention back on you) we recommend using the vibration or tone mode of the collar. An example of this; when you are calling your dog. Start by being within a few metres of your dog, call them, if they do not come - send a correction to them. When they come to you praise them with a pat/treat. Continue to do this until you are able to call them without using the remote trainer at that distance, then extend the distance by another couple of metres and repeat. Continue extending the distance until you can call them from 100m away without the remote trainer. Please do not use the shock feature for this type of training. They will begin to associate your voice with a negative/bad feeling. Dogs are very willing to please. With positive encouragement they will learn faster than that of negative.
  3. Stock training / opposums / chasing cars etc. Because this training is generally to stop a dog doing a dangerous thing we would recommend using the shock feature. If possible, set up a training situation in a controlled environment rather than training in a real time situation. Within a metre or two (depending on speed) of your dog approaching of the dangerous object send a shock signal to your dog. You want the dog to associate that shock/bad/negative feeling with the dangerous thing to put them off from doing it. Please note: Do not call them back immediately before correcting them or they may associate your voice with the correction.




If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on 027 464 3647 or sales@hogdogs.co.nz

Collar Receiver Specifications:

  • Rechargeable, fully waterproof & submersible with ON/OFF button;
  • Collar unit size (excluding strap brackets): L*W*H: approx 5.5cm*4.0cm*3.0cm (approx 2.17”*1.57”*1.18”);
  • Collar strap adjustable from approx 17cm to 55cm (from approx 6.7” to 21.65”). You
    can also use your own collar strap as long as it does not exceed 2mm in thickness.
  • Collar strap is made of high quality TPU(Polyurethane) coated nylon webbing. It is strong, robust and waterproof.  BLACK strap will be sent out by default for one dog system.
  • Weight: approx 115g (including collar strap).

Transmitter Handset Specification:

  • Size: L*W*H:  approx 14cm (including antenna)*5.5cm*3.5cm (approx .5”*2.17*1.38”);
  • Weight: approx 102g (including battery);
  • Rubber coated finish;
  • Power: 1 x 9V battery (supplied).

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Transmitter with large LCD display(powered by 6F22 9 volt battery);
  • 1 x 6F22 9V battery (installed inside transmitter);
  • 1 x Rechargeable & waterproof collar receiver;
  • 1x TPU collarstrap (black colour by default for 1 dog system);
  • 1x UK mains plug (EU plug will be supplied by default for other EU customers);
  • 1 x Small glass test bulb for testing static stimulation only;
  • Short and long prongs;
  • 1 x User’s manual 
  • KK360/380 Wall charger
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  • EasyPet Replacement Prongs
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  • EasyPet Replacement strap
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  • KK-360R 600m Remote
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  • Remote Training Collar 300m
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  • Remote Training Collar 1200m
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  • Remote Training Collar 800m
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  • RTC1200m - 2 Dogs System
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  • DT300m - 2 Dog System
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  • RTC 800m - 2 Dog System
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