KD661 Wireless Pet Fence

KD661 Wireless Pet Fence
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he Wireless dog fence kit creates an invisible circular boundary around a central base station using radio waves to keep your pet from wondering off. The dog fence kit comes with a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter acts as the main base station, which plugs into an indoor power outlet in your home or garage. The transmitter emits a signal which you can adjust from 50to 500 meters.

The area inside this circular boundary is referred to as the safe zone in which your pet will be free to roam. The receiver collar picks up the signal coming from the transmitter. As long as the receiver collar is picking up the signal from the transmitter, your dog is free to roam within the safe zone. When he or she approaches the outer perimeter of the safe zone, the collar emits an audible warning beep followed by a very mild static correction.

Should the dog continue to move out of the safe zone (further away from the transmitter), then the dog will experience a non-harmful form of static correction, alerting them not to proceed any further. With training, your dog learns to move away from the outer boundaries of the safe zone when hearing the warning beep, so the idea is that the static correction occurs less frequently over time.

The Wireless dog fence kit system comes with additional training tools that include flags, which can be placed around the boundary of the safe zone. When used as visual cues in combination with the beep alert, these flags quickly teach your pet to associate them with the alert from the receiver collar. The pet can then be trained what to do when they approach these flags. 

The Wireless dog fence kit KD661 is the latest and most advanced system on the market as our system has a rechargeable collar.

Product Features

1. Completely wireless system
2. 100 level adjustable levels of correction
3. Correction range Up to 150 meters radius
4. Automatic Protection for power outage and against false signals.
5. Rechargeable and waterproof
6. Progressive warning tone and Variable field width control
7. Low battery indicator
8. Multiple colors available for option
9. Anti-run through and Expandable to multiple dogs with extra receive

  • Completely wireless system
  • Signal field is a circular boundary
  • Progressive warning tone
  • Variable field width control
  • Speed detect Anti-run through
  • Multiple collars operation
  • Waterproof & Rechargeable Collar Receiver 
  • A Water-resistant TPU collar fits dog neck sizes 8 to 21 inches(20.32 cm - 53.34cm).
  • 100 Levels adjustable correction - Range: 150m 


Collar receiver

Contact probes

Power adapter

Training flags

Adjustable collar

Test light

User manual

Mounting screws

Power plug

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