Celox Applicator - Stop bleeding fast - Dog First Aid

Celox Applicator - Stop bleeding fast
A must for any hunters first aid kit. For this small price you could save your dogs life or even your own.
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Celox-A™ is a unique applicator delivery system designed to give you an easy, safe and effective way to stop life-threatening bleeding from difficult to treat penetrating trauma. The instinctive applicator allows you to get the Celox™ granules through a small entry wound, directly to the bleeding site in just a few seconds.

In clinical testing Celox-A™ has repeatedly shown itself to be able to quickly and reliably stop deep arterial bleeds. Of course that should not surprise you - Celox™ granules have already been shown to result in 100% survival in independent US marines’ severe bleeding tests**. Celox’s™ unique, patented and natural formula, works independently of the body’s normal clotting mechanisms to robustly clot blood even where normal blood clotting is slow or impaired.

Celox™ is suitable for:

  • Small entry wounds
  • Penetrating wounds
  • Knife and shrapnel wounds
  • Bullet entry wounds
  • Applying through strong blood flows
  • Controlled application to all wounds

Celox™ has been shown to:

  • Save lives
  • Reliably stop arterial bleeding**
  • Significantly reduce blood loss**
  • Clot blood containing anticoagulants like Coumadin (warfarin)*
  • Quickly clot hypothermic (cold) blood*

How to use can be found here: http://www.celoxmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/How-to-use-CeloxA.pdf

Stop bleeding fast with this applicator. Celox now has a substantial history of use in police, fire and medical emergency departments and Defence Forces around the world.

Celox-A™ is a unique applicator delivery system pre-packed with Celox granules and designed to get through a small entry wound often caused by boars tusks directly to the bleeding site in just a few seconds

There are a few videos (graphic) that can be found on the internet by doing a quick google search.

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