Celox Sachets x 2 - Dog First Aid

Celox Sachets x 2
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A must for any first aid kit. For this small price you could save your dogs life or even your own.

Stop bleeding fast. Celox now has a substantial history of use in police, fire and medical emergency departments and Defence Forces around the world.

CELOX was originally developed to save lives on the battlefield. After receiving US approval, it was launched to the US Military and Emergency Responders in late 2006. It has been well received by the medics who deal with some of the worst wounds imaginable.

CELOX's new technology is proven to clot blood in just 30 seconds. It clots blood containing anticoagulants in the same 30 seconds.

These handy 2g sachets are great for the smaller cuts and wounds. For large and or deep wounds 2 or more sachets maybe needed or the Celox applicator.

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